Beginning in 1995, it took almost thirty years and major careers in between before five Tulsa area musicians began rehearsing what has become one of the most successful acts in Northeast Oklahoma!


We all had bands in high school and college but then came marriage, families and real jobs, which consumed our lives for the next twenty-five years. But in 1995, drummer Johnny Winters invited a few guys over for a “Jam”. It was not your typical jam because these guys had not played in an organized manner for years! Tuesday’s seemed to be pretty good for everyone so within a few Tuesday’s another jam happened.


It happened fairly regularly as a matter of fact until Winters tired of the drumming and decided regular rock and roll would not be a part of his future. Fortunately, Parkhurst’s little brother, Tim, who performed with Steve in “The Varmints” wanted to jam with the boys.


Steve Lee cleared out some space in the workshop at American Heat & Air so the group, now named “F.O.G.”, an acronym for “Five Old Guys” would enter its second year.  Finally we were an authentic “garage band”: The Parkhurst brothers, Steve Lee, John Dougherty and Jim Stunkard.


Less than a year later, Tim decided to pursue other endeavors and left the band. Fortunately, Marc Boyce was standing in the wings to take over the drumming duties. Marc with a beautiful voice was the solid beat of the band for the next seven years.


Five Old Guys would enter their third year together with a major performance at the 1997 American Heat & Air Christmas Party. Jim Stunkard had recently opened Paint’n Place Studio and had heard about a guy who was the lead singer with “Boss Tweed”, a major rock band from Oklahoma State University in the ‘60’s. Even though “FOG” had four pretty good singers already, Stunkard, who can’t sing a lick, thought the group needed one more. Carl was invited to the garage and it became pretty clear pretty quick that the Five Old Guys were now six!


In 2005, Dr. Charley Stewart took over the arduous job of drummer while Marc battled some medical difficulties.  Founding member Steve Lee, an original driving force behind the band retired in 2007 and was ably replaced by renowned guitar gunslinger Hayden Burlingame.  Shortly we added Scott McGhee who stepped in to replace Marc’s voice.


Sometime between the third and fourth year with most of the group still in their forties; John Dougherty suggested that the band change their name. After a good laugh and a little discussion, the band of geezers came to be known as “THE FABULOUS MID LIFE CRISIS BAND” and we are … geezers and fabulous.


p.s.  Shortly after naming ourselves we discovered that we weren’t the only Mid Life Crisis Band.  There are literally hundreds of bands around the globe that share our name.  Check out the other Mid Life Crisis Bands here.

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